Saturday, July 30, 2011


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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cuban Hambuger - the 'Frita'

One of Miami’s best 'Fritas,' can be found at Morrow Castle – the milkshakes are unbelievable as well.

For those of you who have never experienced a frita, it is a spicy hamburger made of ground beef and Spanish sausage. It is topped with hair like fries (made from scratch), chopped onions and then packed into a soft hamburger roll while still hot.

Prices are moderate and so is the decor. Attire should be very casual and light for a semi-outdoors experience – no AC. No luxury here, just great quality. The staff is pleasant and very helpful. I suggest you don’t order all the fritas at once, if you and your guest ( yes, great place for a group) are still hungry after the first one, order a second – they turn them very quickly..

My favorite combination is 2 fritas (they are too good, 1 is not enough), a malt chocolate shake (The menu offers an endless variety of flavors) and an order of fries. After I am done, it is time to order churros (5 in an order – you can share) and cafe Cubano like the pros.

Located at 2500 NW 7th ST in Miami. Check reviews at

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Beautification of Ponce de Leon

The beautification of Ponce de Leon project in Coral Gables is almost completed. The palms are up and the ground covering foliage is being planted as we speak - I also noticed new concrete benches along the way.

My guess is that once this is completed, they will start to repave the streets. What a difference this will be for the appearance of this busy area. Pedestrians will get shaded from the sun and trolley goers will have a place to sit while they wait for the trolley.

The yellow ropes running the length of the medians are unsightly, but had to be put there to keep people from stepping on the newly planted shrubs. Time after time I see people crossing the street and stumping on the foliage. They are not only damaging the landscape, but also risking their safety.

We all need to remember it is not safe to cross streets anywhere other than designated areas. We must also observe the signs letting us know when to cross and drivers need to observe traffic signals, particularly when driving in pedestrian busy areas