Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bimini Bay Explosion!

Just returned from Bimini Bay where I spent a mini vacation with friends.  It had been over four years since my last trip to the island and immediately upon arrival I noticed the growth and transformation which had occurred during that time.  All the development that was in the works then is now completed. You may have heard the chatter online regarding the numerous problems facing the resort, however, I must say there were none while I was there. Everything was in its place and working beautifully. We arrived and docked without any delay. Customs agents were friendly and quickly set us on our way.


One new addition since my last visit is the casino. It is now completed and operating at full steam. Although small, it is very nice and guest seemed to be enjoying themselves the times I was there. As is at all the amenities throughout the resort, the staff was accommodating and friendly. One of the things that impressed me the most is how well management has kept up and improved the general areas of the resort grounds. Everything was clean and well-manicured.


The casino is not the only change which has come about since Genting established the Resort World Bimini.  Resort World now offers a daily two hour cruise to the island from Miami to Bimini. According to the brochure, the cruise includes 2 free meals plus world-class gaming (for more information go to www.rwbimini.com).


Future plans for the island include world-class golf, hotel and luxury single family home featuring beach, pool and private docks. This is under development now and I am told the first homes will be delivered by the beginning of next year.

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